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A Guide to Help You Prepare for the Death of Windows XP - from CMIT Solutions Inc. 

Why Your Business Needs to Prepare for the End of Windows XP

If your company hasn’t already started preparing for end of Microsoft’s Windows XP, now is the time to start.

In July, Windows XP accounted for 37 percent of operating system market share, making it the second largest operating system on the market.

But with Microsoft pulling the plug on support for XP in April, the deadline for companies to migrate to a newer operating system is looming.

At CMIT Solutions, we understand break-ups aren’t easy. But on April 8th, 2014, change is coming for Microsoft Windows XP — and you don’t want to be left in a relationship lurch.  

What Will Go Wrong & Why It Concerns You

Microsoft’s decision to halt support services for XP means that the company will no longer provide updates, which often include security patches to cover any recently discovered gaps. This means that companies’ sensitive security data could be much easier to breach.
The end of XP also means that XP drivers and software will slowly disappear. And if users look for support outside of Microsoft, they likely won’t find it. But the most troublesome side effect could result in companies losing total functionality of their hardware.
If there’s a hardware failure on an XP system, you might not be able to restore everything back to its original state. On April 8th, Microsoft will also discontinue support for Microsoft Office 2003 and Exchange server 2003. In addition to migrating to Windows 7 or Windows 8, companies will also have to update these services.

The Bottom Line: No security updates means a field day for viruses and cyberattackers.
 Don’t sacrifice safety or productivity because you’re afraid to break things off with XP.
The Solution: You Need to Dump XP !!!

We know it’ll be hard to break up with such a longtime companion.
But trust us - everything will be OK. You’ll even be better off with XP. You don’t want to sacrifice security or productivity just because you’re afraid to break things off, right?
Trust us — it’ll be OK.

What You Need to Do...

Start seeing other operating systems now. Whether it’s ol’ reliable Windows 7 or flashy new Windows 8, the easiest relationship rebound is the one that’s best planned for.
In an ideal world your systems would already be off XP or you would be well into a migration effort. However, some of us have inherited this problem and must find a solution that not only addresses this problem, but also does so in a cost effective manner. Ideally, you will even have the opportunity to make technical improvements in your infrastructure, enhance security and manageability of your systems, and provide your clinical staff with a more efficient computing environment.
Evaluate your current situation
Getting an IT expert, like your nearest CMIT Solutions Trusted Advisor, involved is very important at this stage. They will tell you about how to move to newer versions of software which are compatible with Windows 7 or beyond.
Your next steps are to evaluate your current workstations. Do they have the resources to run a newer version of Windows? If so you can exercise your volume licensing upgrade options, or purchase the proper licensing to upgrade your environment. A more likely scenario would be that you have old workstations that are overdue for replacement anyway, in which case, upgrading would not be practical.

How We Can Help 

If you use Windows XP, the last 13 years have been good — real good. XP lived longer than almost any other operating system in the history of computing. And you can’t overestimate loyalty like that, especially in light of how much the tech world has changed since Microsoft first debuted XP in 2001.
But the relationship finally ends on April 8th, 2014. That’s when Microsoft will break up with Windows XP for good, discontinuing security updates and vulnerability support and leaving you out in the cold.
Don’t get dumped by Windows XP and become an easy target for hackers and network intruders. With help from CMIT Solutions, you can empower your technological love life by dumping XP first!


Now is the time to take action.

Contact your local CMIT Trusted Advisor to begin working on your strategy for moving your computers and network devices off Windows XP. They will size up your current situation, get an inventory of your impacted devices, and evaluate how you need to update your systems.
CMIT has been mending broken tech relationships for 14 years, so we have all the answers — tissues and a shoulder to cry on optional.
Empower your IT love life — Dump XP with CMIT’s help by filling out the form below.

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